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Once this process is complete, simply remove the smartphone from the VR Goggles, and follow the audio guide to see if your team has reached the Treasure, or if you are lost for eternity inside the ancient maze. Tokyo Otaku Mode. Shop News Gallery.

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Anubis - LED Mask

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Egyptian God Anubis -

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Anubis Funerary Objects

Add to Cart. Tabletop Games. See Details. Basics of the Game All players will work together as a single team to complete the ancient map of the pyramid maze. Strategies for Success Communicate When Plotting As players make their way through the maze, they should describe the details of their surroundings as clearly as possible. Comparing Carefully After a player removes the VR Goggles, they should compare the map plotted by their teammates with their memories of the maze.

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Finding the Treasure of Anubis In a total of seven turns inside the maze, players must create a complete map that leads to the assumed location of the Treasure of Anubis. All you will need is glue.

You will be able to download the patterns and instructions for the mask immediately after purchase. The file contains a 12 page PDF document that you can print on normal paper. All pieces of the pattern fit in single sheets of paper. The 2D patterns and 3D mask design are protected by copyright law, and are intended for personal use only.

Contact us if you want to use the mask for any other purpose than personal use. Please note that you are buying the patterns and instructions only. You will need to print them out, follow the instructions and get any materials and tools you want to use. Print and glue the patterns on card of your choice and cut them.

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Thin cardboard or card of around gsm is ideal, but you can use any card that can be scored and creased easily. Assemble the pieces using double-sided tape or fast drying glue and finally make your creation unique by decorating it any way you like. Try using different coloured or metallic card, paint it or glue a variety of materials on it, from glitter to feathers; the possibilities are endless.