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Glasgow UK. Stirling, UK. Funding awarded BP Participating member. International research project funded by the Univ. Publications Authored books co-author with J. Anim-Addo, G. Covi, V. Imagined Scotlands.

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L'inglese, Firenze: La Nuova Italia, Un'arancia panlinguistica. Edited volumes with S. Lunan, K. Fazzini , Poeti della Scozia contemporanea, Venezia: Supernova, Guest edited special issues of journals Anglistik Anglistik, Rose, E. Rossini eds. Una breve antologia" introduzione e traduzioni a cura di C. Sassi e M.

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Palmer McCulloch eds. Derrick McClure, K. Szatek-Tudor and R. Penna eds. And Whither Are We Gone? Mediating Encounters in Cosmopolitan Contexts. Heidelberg: Winter, Bijon, Y. Clavaron eds. Lunan, K A. Macdonald, C. Sassi eds. Roughley ed. Pollard, C. Locatelli, G. Covi eds. Pynsent eds , Appropriations and Impositions. Amsterdam: Rodopi. In European English Messenger Vol.

Powell, Avril A.

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In Scottish Studies Newsletter No 42, Silke Stroh, Uneasy Subjects. Postcolonialism and Scottish Gaelic Poetry. His extra weight, however, caused the weakening animal to sink.

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Hansum pulled Guilietta over the horse and let himself slide off. The animal came up some, but it was obvious the poor thing was weakening. Hansum had to act quickly, before the horse died and dragged Guilietta down.

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He saw someone running along the riverbank towards them. It was him, his younger self, running toward the water. He must have escaped from Lincoln, who was nowhere in sight. And then Hansum heard a deep rumbling. He looked up. There was a heavy cloud of mist ahead. This could only mean one thing. The river was going to run downhill through rocks and broken trees.

Perhaps it was the sound of his voice, but Guilietta was trying to regain consciousness. Hansum bowed his head and kissed her hands and she smiled faintly, and then he felt the horse sink. He threw his weight off the horse but kept hold of the saddle.

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He watched his younger self dive from the shore and into the water. It was killed instantly. The animal turned on to its side, whirling Guilietta off her perch and tossing her straight into a tangle of sharp, broken branches that stuck out like spears. As the dead horse spun around in an eddy, Hansum caught hold of the saddle again. With the horse now on its side, Hansum saw another opportunity. He could see the girth strap for the saddle exposed. If he could unbuckle the cinches before the animal sank and before they hit the main part of the rapids, he could free Guilietta and only have the saddle to contend with.

It was still an impossible situation, but less impossible than the present one. The younger Hansum grabbed the saddle where Guilietta was tied and flipped her onto her back. Her arms and hands were now stretched unnaturally over her head. PhD : Phantasy Degree series by Son Hee-Joon "Sang enrolls in the monsters-only class at the Demon School Hades in order to acquire a mysterious, magical ring from the chief commander's fiancee.

Angel series by Yukiru Sugisaki "Daisuke Niwa is an ordinary middle school student with an extraordinary genetic 'condition'. Whenever he starts longing for the girl of his dreams, he transforms into the legendary Phantom Thief, Dark! The only way to lift the curse? To have his love returned, of course. But how can Daisuke win the heart of a girl he can't even romance?