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So, they are indeed silent here. I can confirm your observations in Belarus from my own experience in Germany. I have spent many nights in the middle of the woods in search of wolves and other wildlife in Lower Saxony Brandenburg and Saxony. Only once I heard wolves howling at night in areas where we had several sightings and made photos on wildlife cameras, found scats, killings and tracks, all this confirming the presence of wolves nearby.

Even when thousands hunters in Germany spend thousands of hour at dawn or dusk in their hunting hides reports of wolves howwlings are extremely rare. The most convincing evidence for the silence of wolves in Germany is the silence of the media concerning this matter. If there would be hearings, there would be reports in the press for sure since wolves in Germany often do not live or roam around far from human settlements.

The press surely would make a great fuss of wolves howling near human settlements kindergardens esp.! Since this is not the case, it is a clear indication that the wolves in Germany seem to avoid howling and are silent most of the time.

However, even the wolves in North America do not howl much too. At least in the pup rearing time they seem to do not.

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On thousands of miles of private trips through the wilderness of Alaska and Canada mostly by canoe in very remote aereas we often were lucky to see wolves. Sometimes they even came to our camp. I have a very light sleep and wake up with every unfamiliar noise outside the tent. This has saved us many a bad experience with bears. During many years five times only did we hear wolves howling.

Once when a pack circled our camp for several hours at night. However, It must be pointed out that we travelled from July until the beginning of September only, a time in which the packs are not yet roaming together with their pups. Another thought on the subject of genetic influence on vocal communication in canids: A convincing proof of the disappearance of howling by evolutionary genetic processes is provided by the vocal communication of modern domestic dogs. In many domestic dogs, man has completely eliminated the annoying and unwanted howling by selective breeding.

However, the rare barking of the wolf was boosted in the breeding of domestic dogs. Barking was and is desirable, for example, in guard dogs or hunting dogs.

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The result of human selection are many modern dogbreeds and hybrids resp. This year we found two reproducing wolfpacks living close together. At one den we had sightings of 5 pups. Additionally this was documented on wildlife cameras. At the same time only 3. The following evenings and nights there was quite a lot of howling in the homesite of this pack.