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When people are wronged, they usually want to be made whole, but focusing on revenge excludes any real chances of positive outcomes. You know you should apologize, you understand why. Yet, not only do you refuse to do so, you passive-aggressively pretend to have done so. Wildly unprofessional. File this one with No. Sure, if they're friends or peers, but when you start referring to work colleagues, bosses, or even clients like this, you've crossed the line into the realm of the unprofessional. Everyone stammers sometimes; truly unprofessional people rely on these verbal crutches because they can't string a real sentence together.

Only unprofessional people fail to understand that when you're bored, it's usually because of yourself. Of course it's sometimes necessary to let an employee go, but the tone of urgency here suggests an unprofessional employer has allowed the situation to fester. Sounds like you're probably leering and edging toward sexual harassment here.

So unless you're a store manager telling a cashier to finish a checkout Unsuccessfully, one might add. Professional people are empathetic.

Unprofessional people are needy and unconfident, which leads them to ask this phrase repeatedly. This is the least persuasive argument ever, hardly useful even in dealing with 2-year-olds and teenagers. Strategic cursing is professional.

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Cursing because you're not creative or articulate enough to come up with something better to say is the mark of an unprofessional person. Unprofessional people use all kinds of excuses to explain why they're not around to help -- especially when it's actually part of their job. I suppose envy can serve as a motivational tool, but articulating it like this -- whether explicitly or implicitly -- is another mark of an unprofessional person who can't control his or her emotions.

Praise disguised as condescension reveals the unconfident and unprofessional nature of the person uttering it. When plans fall apart, professional people seek to find a way to make it work --unprofessional people's first priority is to shift the blame. A sincere apology is always appreciated, but the addition of that little word -- "do" -- in the middle of the sentence sends a subtle message.

Ignoring something is hardly a strategy for dealing with a difficult situation. Besides, bad news rarely gets better with age. You know what? It's the mark of our age -- everybody's busy! It's just that professional people don't feel the need to remind everyone else of this fact. While technically true, this statement doesn't shed much light on any situation. It's good for unprofessional people who want to deflect serious analysis, though.

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But I suppose you can just throw your hands in the air and give up. In other words: short-term gain, long-term loss -- and ultimately, very unprofessional. Curiosity is great, but whining plaintiveness is unprofessional. Follow the late great Bobby Kennedy's exhortation to ask "Why not? Believe in what you do -- or else, do something else.

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So, you have a conflict of interest -- and yet you expect me to trust you to characterize it, and probably minimize it? The problem here isn't making the disclosure -- it's the unprofessional suggestion that you've "fully" revealed it. Have you? If you don't have the courage to stand behind your words, don't say them. Life isn't fair, and nobody promised that it would be.

With the caveat that you can say this to express empathy see No. As shorthand, I guess this is OK. But only an unprofessional person with low expectations of life would settle for meh. All things in moderation. If you routinely make this sound when you're eating, chances are others see you as unprofessional. People have been drinking too much since time immemorial, and at the risk of making an ethnic stereotype -- my name is Murphy; I'm unlikely to judge.

Still, see No. If you find yourself saying this too often, I guarantee we can describe how others see you. In a professional setting, are you kidding? This is percent your fault, and explaining your hangover makes it seem like you're soliciting permission not to perform to your full capacity. Yet another expectation-lowering phrase uttered by unprofessional people when they've been asked to share their gifts or knowledge with a team -- but they don't actually have confidence in themselves. Oh, okay, I guess that ends all debate.

Unprofessional people are afraid of change and progress, and saying this makes that clear. Often fear is a very useful and legitimate emotion. In fact, there's no courage without fear -- you have to face your fears in order to overcome them. Will you? Is it really? Your turn, huh? Life requires assumptions, but we often hear unprofessional people saying this phrase when they really mean, "I'm too lazy to confirm, but You've been waiting for this one, right? While technically accurate, if this is the best argument you can give for why an employee should do something, you're probably not very professional.

When you're actually seething and don't have the courage to say what you really think, saying nothing displays passive aggression and lack of professionalism.

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This combines the pessimism of No. It's not a winning combination. I'm not sure people actually say this anymore, but they do act upon it -- once again, holding their small pieces of relevance close to the heart, and bleeding professionalism with every clutch. Related to No.

Perhaps you are, and professional people are confident enough to ask for help.

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However, if you're exclaiming this looking for pity or permission to slack off, chances are others will see you as unprofessional. Here's a secret: people only say this when they understand that they led others in the wrong direction, and are now seeking to deflect the blame.

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Verdict: unprofessional. Members Current visitors. Interface Language. Log in. Forums English Only English Only. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Wouldn't you like to know. Thread starter laozhang Start date Jun 28, Please look at the following dialogues: A: So, if you're not going out with your ex, who's the new girl?

B: Wouldn't you like to know. Actually, I've been seeing a great girl. Is it common used by the native speaker of English? Do you have another way to say this expression?