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The colouring pages are designed for relaxing stress management and feature a complete illustrated alphabet and series of striking mandala designs.

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Reflecting on traditional approaches in addition to these newer practices, the writers offer fresh perceptions on their identity and role as music therapists, their assumptions and attitudes about how music, people and context interact, the sites and boundaries to their work, and the new possibilities for music therapy in the 21st century.

As the first book on the emerging area of Community Music Therapy, this book should be an essential and exciting read for music therapists, specialists and community musicians. Account Options Sign in.

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This book brings together the professional experiences of eminent analytical music therapists from Europe and the USA. The book examines the origins and theory of AMT including a contribution on the subject from Mary Priestley , before exploring its uses in various contexts. Chapters cover AMT in counselling and rehabilitation, with adults and children and with nonverbal clients.

A concluding section discusses aspects of the training of music therapy students. Felicity Baker. This comprehensive and groundbreaking book describes the effective use of songwriting in music therapy with a variety of client populations, from children with cancer and adolescents in secondary school to people with traumatic brain injury and mental health problems. Tony Wigram. Improvisation plays a key role in the toolbox of the music therapist. Tony Wigram's practical and comprehensive guide and online content will prove indispensable to students, teachers, therapists and musicians as a book of musical techniques and therapeutic methods.

Beginning with an overview of developing, teaching and analysing the skills of improvisation, Wigram describes techniques ranging from warming up to mirroring, rhythmic grounding, containing and holding.

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With specific sections on piano improvisation, chordal and 2-, 3- and 4- note improvisation are covered, in addition to advanced skills such as frameworking and transitions. Wigram also includes techniques for thematic improvisation, group improvisation and outlines methods for analysing and reporting improvisational processes.

Notated examples allow readers to try out techniques and progress as they read, with audio examples on the accompanying online content adding another dimension to the structure and guidance provided for all levels of music student and therapist. Eleanor Richards. The fascinating and diverse descriptions contained in this text begin the process of developing indigenous understandings of music therapy in group work and alert the reader to issues for future exploration. A fascinating text, describing a range of clients - I highly recommend it.

Denise Grocke. This practical book describes the specific use of receptive listening methods and techniques in music therapy clinical practice and research, including relaxation with music for children and adults, the use of visualisation and imagery, music and collage, song-lyric discussion, vibroacoustic applications, music and movement techniques, and other forms of aesthetic listening to music. The authors explain these receptive methods of intervention using a format that enables practitioners to apply them in practice and make informed choices about music suitable for each of the different techniques.

Protocols are described step-by-step, with reference to the necessary environment, conditions, skills and appropriate musical material. She never slept, she catnapped for twenty minutes at a time and generally walked for up to twenty-two hours a day. And if you walked with her you could sort of have a dialogue with her but you had to walk. Any conversation was very much in the here-and-now and never developed beyond that.

You could listen to what she said, answer her - there was no flow in the conversation, her flow was very much in her walking. She was a tiny woman, with a shock of white hair, and very beautiful, piercing blue eyes which could really look into you.

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  • I always had a feeling of being looked into, by her. There was a liveliness about her - she was eighty and undeterred by her age. And so much energy! When I met her she was walking with Ethel, telling her what to do, and Ethel would answer her, very earnestly.

    Olive would get fed-up with Ethel because Ethel would want to sit down and not walk. They had this rather wonderful relationship If I managed to engage her musically she would stay for a little while, but as soon as that engagement was gone, then she was off- walking. Her aim was to get back home, to see her mother, or else her children would be waiting for her, she had a high level of anxiety. If I tried to distract her, this would just reinforce her anxiety so I would accept this and say 'well you can come back later'. Sometimes she did come back again for another ten minutes.

    Music therapy offered Olive a respite from this driven, exhausting walking I think she walked herself to death; she went very quickly, had a sudden heart attack. At times she'd become very angry she would see people walking in and out the front door of the Haven, and would become very cross.

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    Because she couldn't. Olive was very insightful. Her short-term memory was immensely impaired, but in terms of her own situation I think there was a huge amount of insight I saw the walking as a part of her dealing with that: there was a relentlessness about her walking which must have reflected her feelings of having lost so much.

    I worked with her for about ten sessions, of varying lengths. I want to play you a bit of one session You can hear her coming in and beginning to play the drum, and what I heard on the drum was the energy of her walking. And there is also an element of performance: Olive was a performer!

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    There is a feeling of 'I'm going to play the drum' - she was tiny about 4ft 8in! I start to sing and she reflects the harmonies that I'm improvising at the piano and then starts her own song Olive's voice is strong and lively. It is low, and bristles with energy. The words of her song are:.