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They demanded space in the garage for their kayaks, recalls Mr. ABOUT 30 older adults in the greater Portland area have volunteered to participate in the Orcatech living laboratory program. Dorothy Rutherford, 86, a petite redhead with a deadpan wit, is one of them. And she is a model for the kind of independent aging, abetted by technology, that the researchers hope to encourage. Her bone-colored earrings — a gift from a dentist who made them from denture material — dangle as she gives me a tour of the equipment that researchers have installed in her apartment. Sensors that monitor the speed and frequency of her activity dot the ceilings and cling to furniture, appliances and doors.

View all New York Times newsletters. A wireless smart pillbox reminds her to take her daily vitamins.

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A computer on which she plays specific word and number games tracks her daily scores. But her favorite experiment so far involved an anthropomorphic robot from Vgo Communications, nicknamed Celia, that was equipped with a video screen. Rutherford, a retired waitress, already uses Skype to talk to family members. But Skype is stationary, she says, while the robot conveniently wheels itself from room to room.

Monitoring costs vary. The continuous monitoring of people like Mrs.

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Rutherford may point the way to more preventive health care — an alternative to the pattern of doctors seeing elderly patients on an infrequent basis, often treating them only after they have developed acute illnesses or had accidents. Kaye of Orcatech says about the monitoring system. The idea is to determine whether changes in daily habits — like walking speed, posture, sleep, pill taking, computer game scores — can accurately predict things like cognitive decline or balance problems, allowing doctors to intervene before someone falls and, say, breaks a hip.

Intel and General Electric recently started a joint venture, Intel-GE Care Innovations , to develop technologies that help older adults stay independent. Because of ageism, Mr. The European Union , he points out, has already committed more than one billion euros to study technology and aging. But so far, the officials he has met with have not taken up the cause, he says.

In the laundry list of initiatives in his State of the Union address last month, President Obama pushed clean energy, not gray tech.

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Golden ager. Elderly person. Senior citizen. Americans have come to associate agedness with frailty and disability rather than with institutional memory and expertise. For more than a quarter-century, Mr. Dychtwald, 60 and thus himself a baby boomer, has been trying to rebrand aging as a positive phenomenon. Now that the oldest baby boomers are turning 65, he says, their sheer numbers may attract industries that had earlier shied away.

But so far, he says, very few companies have applied creative intelligence to understanding older adults and developing game-changing technologies, services, experiences and even new careers for them. Imagine a new real estate sector, he says, that caters to the former hippies among baby boomers who want to form retirement communities with friends by buying six-bedroom communal penthouses in Chicago or farms in Vermont.

AgeLab, is calibrated to simulate the dexterity, mobility, strength and balance of a year-old.

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My empathy has clearly deepened after a few hours of road-testing it. But, sheepishly, I still want to shed the suit and its instant add-on decades. More than a decade later, with boomers starting to turn 65, experts like Professor Coughlin hope to make gray the new green. Their job would be easier if it were fun to wear Agnes.

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An article last Sunday about the market for new products for an aging population erroneously included a service among those offered by the Mirabella, a retirement community in Portland, Ore. It does not provide Toyota Priuses as loaner cars to residents. A sister Mirabella community in Seattle does provide its residents with the loaner cars. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box.

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Thank you for subscribing. When it comes to cancer treatments, baby boomers like Kendra Jeffcoat are at the "leading edge" of the precision or customized medicine paradigm, said Dr. Boomers will see this new paradigm enacted and should be at the forefront of pushing it forward. Sandip Patel, assistant director of the Clinical Trials Program at Moores, added that baby boomers are a key patient group in the development of novel therapies that not only work better against cancer, but are substantially less toxic than traditional chemotherapy.

Patel said the hospital provides multidisciplinary care "to best help baby boomers fight their cancer on all fronts: supportive and palliative care, psychosocial support groups, as well as some holistic medicine approaches such as acupuncture. This new wave of innovation in cancer treatment, Pavel noted, "is happening just as baby boomers are approaching the age in which they may need these novel therapies. Ezra Cohen, associate director for translational science at Moores, said it is "not unrealistic to think that the baby boomers will be the generation that experiences the most substantial transformation in treatment ever, with even cures where we never imagined.

But Cohen added, "They are also the generation that has to help make this happen, and they can by participating in research, lobbying public funding sources, and providing support. It is up to all of us to end cancer. Another burgeoning new trend in healthcare is the advent of geriatric emergency departments geared specifically to boomers and other seniors.

UC San Diego Health, in a partnership with West Health, a nonprofit health organization, is currently designing a state-of-the-art senior emergency care unit to be housed within the future Jacobs Medical Center, a story, expansion of UC San Diego Health's La Jolla campus that opens later this year. Largely answering to the fact more than 10, baby boomers in the United States turn 65 years of age each day, the new emergency department will focus on geriatric medicine, acute care screening, urgent care, case management, and social and psychiatric care.

With a focus on fostering "successful aging," the department will also facilitate home- and community-based care options when possible. Vaishal Tolia, an assistant clinical professor at UC San Diego Health whose primary specialty is emergency medicine, told Healthlne that emergency departments are "re-examining the role we play. Tolia said his department visited several of the geriatric emergency departments around the country to try to learn best practices.

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They maybe have a couple of additional things for that patient population but no real established criteria. Tolia said a new focus on geriatric emergency departments is improving the overall experience for the patient.

As of , there were 40 million people in this age group, and many of them will be emergency patients at some point. Other issues that are on the minds of baby boomers as they get older are Alzheimer's disease and dementia. There are significant new clinical trial results in Alzheimer's, the most common form of dementia. While scientists from the Netherlands have found that a six-year, nurse-led vascular care intervention did not lead to a reduction of all-cause dementia in a cognitively healthy population, fewer cases of non-Alzheimer's dementia were observed in the intervention group compared to the control group.

In addition, the scientists saw fewer cases of incident dementia in a subgroup of people in the study with untreated hypertension who were adherent to the intervention. The study observations suggest that "the benefits -- or the head and the heart-- of assessing, treating, and managing heart health risk factors as we age," Maria C. Carrillo, Ph. Perhaps the final big national bash for the baby boom culture is the upcoming Desert Trip , a megaconcert in the Southern California desert featuring six of the most iconic musical acts and artists in the baby boom canon.

Predictably, the jokes are already flying about this concert, which folks on social media are calling "Oldchella" or "AgeCoach. But unlike Woodstock, one of the boomers' defining events, this one is unlikely to see much mud or protests. The demographics of the Desert Trip audience will likely cut across four generations. But there will undoubtedly be many boomers in attendance, which poses some interesting health and safety challenges for planners. Could some aging boomers attempt to relive their Woodstock or Monterey Pop Festival days and take drugs and dance all night?

When asked what precautions the concert planners are taking in terms of providing doctors, nurses, first aid stations, and more at the concert site, a spokesman for the Desert Trip declined to comment. In other words: Boomers, if you're headed for Desert Trip, take good care, because apparently you're on your own. The original article can be found on Healthline. We want to be your most trusted ally in pursuit of health and well-being. News U.