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That is perfectly clear. On July 26, , just over a year after Batista's second coup, a small group of revolutionaries attacked the Moncada Barracks in Santiago. Government forces easily defeated the assault and jailed its leaders, while many others fled the country. The primary leader of the attack, Fidel Castro , was a young attorney who had run for parliament in the canceled elections.

Although Castro was never officially nominated, he felt that Batista's coup had sidetracked what would have been a promising political career for him. Batista held an election in , running as the candidate of a political coalition that included the Progressive Action Party, the Radical Union Party and the Liberal Party.

Death of former president announced by brother Raul on state television

The abstentionists favored boycotting the elections regardless of the circumstances in which they were held, whereas the electoralists sought certain rights and guarantees to participate. Batista lived up to their expectations, utilizing fraud and intimidation to secure his presidency.

This led most of the other parties to boycott the elections. Despite the boycott, Grau received the support of 6. The remaining voters abstained.

By late , student riots and anti-Batista demonstrations had become frequent, and unemployment became a problem as graduates entering the workforce could not find jobs. All youth were seen as suspected revolutionaries. In reality, Batista survived, and the students of the Federation of University Students FEU and the Directorio DR who led the attack were killed in the response by the military and police.

Castro quickly condemned the attack, since July 26 Movement had not participated in it. In April , Batista called popular military leader Col. The purge of the officer corps contributed to the inability of the Cuban army to successfully combat Castro and his guerrillas. However, his army was ineffective against the rebels based in the Sierra Maestra and Escambray Mountains.

His is a government of thieves. To have this small guerrilla band in the mountains is to his advantage, so that he can order special defense expenditures that they can steal. It is clear that counter-terror became the strategy of the Batista government. It has been estimated that perhaps as many as 20, civilians were killed. In an effort to gather information about Castro's army, Batista's secret police pulled in people for questioning.

Many innocent people were tortured by Batista's police, while suspects, including youth, were publicly executed as a warning to others who were considering joining the insurgency. Additionally, "Hundreds of mangled bodies were left hanging from lamp posts or dumped in the streets in a grotesque variation of the Spanish colonial practice of public executions.

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In , 45 organizations signed an open letter supporting July 26 Movement, among them national bodies representing lawyers, architects, dentists, accountants, and social workers. Castro, who had originally relied on the support of the poor, was now gaining the backing of the influential middle classes. The United States supplied Batista with planes, ships, tanks and the latest technology, such as napalm , which he used against the insurgency. However, in March , the U. Elections were scheduled for June , as required by the Constitution, but were delayed until November , when Castro and the revolutionaries called for a general strike and placed several bombs in civilian areas of the country.

On December 11, , U. Ambassador Earl Smith visited Batista at his hacienda, Kuquine. There, Smith informed him that the United States could no longer support his government. Batista asked if he could go to his house in Daytona Beach. The ambassador denied the request and suggested that he seek asylum in Spain instead. On December 31, , at a New Year's Eve party, Batista told his cabinet and top officials that he was leaving the country.

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After seven years, Batista knew his presidency was over, and he fled the island in the early morning. A second plane flew out of Havana later in the night, carrying ministers, officers and the Governor of Havana.

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As news of the fall of Batista's government spread through Havana, The New York Times described jubilant crowds pouring into the streets and automobile horns honking. The black and red flag of July 26 Movement waved on cars and buildings. The atmosphere was chaotic. On January 8, , Castro and his army rolled victoriously into Havana. By the end of Batista's rule, later described by U. President Kennedy as "one of the most bloody and repressive dictatorships in the long history of Latin American repression", [49] hundreds to 20, Cubans had been killed.

Much to her surprise, he divorced her in October against her will in order to marry his longtime mistress, Marta Fernandez Miranda. Batista was an inveterate philanderer who engaged in numerous extramarital affairs throughout his first marriage. He cheated on his first wife with multiple women, and his children eventually became aware of his relationships. He filed divorce papers shortly before his first grandchild was born.

His first wife and their children were astounded and devastated by the divorce. He was the Chairman of a Spanish life insurance company that invested in property and mortgages on the Andalusian Costa del Sol. In literature and movies, Batista's regime is commonly referred to as the "greens" opposite the Communist "reds" , because of the green uniforms his soldiers wore. In Cuban post-revolution books, documentaries and movies Batista's troops were are also referred to as the "helmets" or "casquitos" in Spanish , because of the helmets they used.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Marta Fernandez Miranda m. Kennedy [49]. President John F.


Fidel Castro’s death sparks celebrations on streets of Miami

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Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro dead at age 90

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