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No testing or medications needed. Pondering The Path - Metaphysically Speaking.

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...touches the heart…

John Newton is an expert in complementary healing. His techniques appear deceivingly simple, yet are profoundly effective — almost magical at times. John was a keynote speaker at a conference I attended. In less than an hour I saw him eliminate chronic depression, an intense migraine, nerve damage in the legs, and debilitating vertigo…truly remarkable. John helped me clear the chronic pain and related anxiety in my throat. I recommend his work for anyone with emotional or physical pain. In the case of Looter, for example, you're able to see the outline of any loot near your character.

That's tremendously helpful, as you can scan a building's loot from the outside instead of running in and sifting through it all yourself. You may also notice that loot is slowly disappearing from the house you're looking at — likely because someone is grabbing it quietly. And now you've got the jump on them!

John Newton | Health Beyond Belief | Ancestral Clearing | Be Free of Pain

A well-timed perk use in Blackout can mean the difference between life and death, and it's a brilliant new twist to the Battle Royale formula. The formula for gunfights in "Fortnite" is simple: Try your best to take out the enemy while rapidly building. If you start running low on health, your best bet is to create a temporary shelter — hiding from the enemy while you attempt to recoup health using potions. In "PUBG," the situation tends to be a bit more long distance — taking carefully aimed sniper shots from across vast distances, with the occasional hidden moment of healing.

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Moreover, you can heal up to and even beyond your original, full health amount. As such, healing is a core component of gunfights in Blackout. If you've only got a moment to heal, do it while running for your life!

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  8. Blackout not only enables that, but it encourages that kind of action. You know what "Fortnite" doesn't need? A color-coded loot system.

    Healing & Beyond With Your Guardian Angel - Powerful Guided Meditation

    Is this purple shotgun better than this green rifle? Who cares?!

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    There's only one type of "rare" loot in Blackout, and it's golden weapons like the rifle seen above. Instead, you'll occasionally find a genuinely rare, golden weapon that comes pre-loaded with all manner of accoutrement. In the case of the sniper rifle seen above, it comes with a super long-view scope, a stock for increasing stability, an extended magazine for additional bullets, and more.