PDF Boogie, Boots & Cherry Pie: Love on The Zoos Third Floor

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Haven't found what you're looking for? I agree the title is unfortunate, but where I come from, Oklahoma, Naked Ladies are a type of flower that suffers--and even dies--if it is moved. I used it for a metaphor about old women being hesitant to leave their homes to go far away to live with their grown children.

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Of course, there's a little romance in the story--I am a romance writer, after all--but I would put this book firmly in the literary field. Please email me with questions.

JanelleMHooper comcast. It's a non-medical, self-help, motivational article. The tag line is: Life's a Beach! But some beaches have Rocks!


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There's a trailer for it on YouTube. Just Search my name. Other news: this month, my There's a Mouse in the House!

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The version without the voice-over was listed on iPad's list for the best poems for children Of course, the book also has short stories. What fun!

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Off to the right of this page I have posted eight book trailers that will give you an idea what my books are all about: The first three, my Turtle Trilogy, are set in Oklahoma, Indian country. I grew up close to where the Indian reservations are and my writing is colored with my experiences growing up there in a Hispanic family. Some might call them modern-day cowboy and Indian stories. Then, there's my new novella about senior poverty, The Slum Resort.

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The last trailer is from the book There's a Mouse in the House! I had fun making these trailers by hand--they're kind of like one of those homemade mufflers you get from Aunt Agnes at Christmas I hope you'll give them a look. As you view them, you'll notice I'm not a formula writer; I write each story in the style that's best for that particular story, so each one is different. Most of my books are available in paperback and all are available on Kindle. MS Ms. PMS pneumatic pneumonia poach poacher P. Senate senate Senator senator senatorial send send-off senile senility Senior senior senior citizen senior high school seniority sensation sensational sensationalism sensationally sense senseless sensibility sensible sensibly sensitive sensitively sensitivity sensor sensory sensual sensuality sensuous sent sentence sentiment sentimental sentimentality sentry separable separate separated separately separation Sept.