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The sessions will also yield four hit singles to be released starting later this year - - and going into 'In the Ghetto', 'Suspicious Minds', 'Don't Cry, Daddy' and 'Kentucky Rain'.

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January 13, American Sound - Memphis, Tennessee. January 21, American Sound - Memphis, Tennessee. Elvis Presley at American Studios XPA5 March 5 , Elvis returns to Hollywood to film and record the soundtrack music for his thirty-first, and what will turn out to be his last, acting role in a motion picture. Elvis plays a hip ghetto doctor in a Northern city, having come from Tennessee. Mary Tyler Moore and two others play nuns who go 'undercover' into the ghetto to assist with health and societal troubles in the community.

The theme, though serious and timely, is not particularly well carried out by the script in the opinion of many, and the title is frivolous. But, Elvis looks magnificent, and gives a natural, easy, understated performance that is a refreshing pleasure to see after the silliness he endured in his films through most of the sixties. The few songs in the movie are good and they're performed in natural, rather than the usual badly contrived, situations.

March, , Charro! Hotel, Las Vegas, Nv July Starting July 31 , Elvis is booked for a four-week, fifty-seven show engagement at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, which has just been built and has the largest showroom in the city.

They rehearse for several weeks and open on July 31, The show is a delightful mix of fresh arrangements of classic Elvis hits, exciting new material he has recorded, a few covers of current and past hits of other artists, and charming on-stage antics and sharing of personal recollections of his career. A press conference follows the first of his two opening night shows. This engagement breaks all existing Las Vegas attendance records and attracts rave reviews from the public and the critics.

It is a triumph. This Edgar- and Oscar-winning script brings to life the advantages of Amish culture without idealizing or romanticizing away its limitations. And once the stranger in question has become an instrumental part of his new world, the true cost of assimilation—on both sides—is revealed.

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The Peculiar Little Town. House of Echoes by Brendan Duffy, in which a New York City transplant and his family must battle for their lives while rehabbing a mansion in a mountain village that is itself in danger of dying. In the first, a couple takes a wrong turn and comes to a town that is magical, first wonderfully, then horrifically, until leaving becomes even harder than their arduous drive in. In the second, King shows the condescension of the rational city dweller for the superstitious country bumpkin. A couple arrives in town only to be warned of horrors about to unfold, which, of course, they dismiss, subsequently paying for this dearly.

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Plots whose twist or secret is revealed only at the end carry an artistic risk, for there is a lot of material to get through, a long time to wait to be surprised. But when this structure works, it makes for an unforgettable read or viewing experience. Book: Winifred by Doris Miles Disney. In this case, the mousy and increasingly disturbed protagonist turns out to have a childhood secret nobody suspects.

His grandmother Leonida and his mother Maria do everything to prepare the young pretender to the throne for the leadership. IDFA Homepage. Support IDFA.

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Nederlands English. News Editorials. Artboard Copy 2 Created with Sketch. Share Complex realities can never be reduced to a simple conflict between good and evil—and certainly not in the case of the war in Syria. Thomas Vroege.

Executive producer. Christian Paulussen.